Welcome to Shadow Wood Clinical Associates

Shadow Wood Clinical Associates is home to eight independent therapists with many years of experience and advanced training who offer a wide range of mental health services. The therapists include licensed psychologists and licensed clinical social workers.

We serve all persons regardless of race, age, gender, ethnicity, religion, culture or sexual identity. The office is designed for ease of access for the disabled and is at a location served by public transportation.

To learn more about the therapists, their areas of clinical expertise, and how to arrange an appointment, please click on the appropriate section(s) listed to the right.

For immediate assistance or to make an appointment, you may contact us at (785) 266-6751

Our Mission

The clinicians at Shadow Wood Clinical Associates provide compassionate and competent care in helping individuals, couples, families and special groups cope with the challenges of life. We believe that by working in a therapeutic partnership, clients can improve their lives. They are better able to identify and understand the issues which brought them to treatment, enhance their coping skills, and resolve the sometimes complex problems of living that most people face at some times in their lives. The credentials we bring to our work include post-graduate education, state licensure and professional certifications, years of experience and ongoing advance clinical training. Beyond advanced credentials, practical wisdom applied with compassionate and understanding care is essential in our work.